“Earlier in my marriage, I had wanted to become pregnant, but it wasn’t until I went macrobiotic and began my healing with Brooke that I actually conceived – at age 45 for the first time.”

Lori Wyman

“Brooke has a direct connection with Spirit; she simply speaks the truth. She exhibits empathy, honesty and sincere respect for clients. She taught me how to breathe correctly, to help me center my body with ease and grace.”

Dora Farnesi

“In 1999, when we first met, I had cancer. At that time, I had been studying bodywork, craniosacral therapy and zero-balancing, so I had a deep appreciation for her integrative approach. Brooke’s gifted listening and guidance gives her the wisdom to assist you in clearing individual traumas and reclaiming your true nature.”

Jason Gordon

“I’m a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. I’ve known Brooke for ten years and I’ve never known her to be anything other than right on target. Her intuition is very exacting. You can hear it in the clarity of her voice. Through her multi-dimensional approach, she unerringly focuses on what the core issues are.”

Kurt Marin


“Brooke operates at a truly holistic level; I think she has a tremendous gift. Through my work with her, I have a whole new sense of freedom. I’m particularly grateful for the work she did with my son. I brought him to her because he was suffering emotional problems. With Brooke’s guidance, he was able to release the energy signature he’d been carrying for so long.”

Michael Ware

“I have had the great privilege and honor of knowing Brooke Becker for a couple of decades now. Our journey began as my being a client and evolved to a great friendship and kinship. I AM a healer myself and I have worked with many greats over the past thirty years on different continents. I AM here to tell you that Brooke is one of the clearest channels that I know. Her abilities are derived through her own personal practice and daily application. Brooke recently offered me clarity about a couple of things and her intuition was spot on. The unfolding from this continues to expand and has literally been life changing for me. I am honored to call her a friend and colleague. Namaste.”

David Ware

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