Visionary Craniosacral Work

Visionary Craniosacral Work

Craniosacral therapy uses light finger pressure to release the cranial bones & stimulate flow of cerebrospinal fluid bathing the brain and spinal cord.

Craniosacral therapy’s extremely light finger pressure is used to release restrictions in the movement of the cranial bones and to stimulate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid which bathes the surfaces of the brain and the spinal cord.

  • Highly effective treatment for migraines, cluster, muscle tension headaches.
  • Highly effective for neck arthritis, whiplash, low back pain, scoliosis.
  • Helpful in treating Bells Palsy, vertigo, dyslexia, TMJD, chronic depression, PTSD and anxiety
  • Promotes the return of clarity and energy after crisis
  • Very helpful in addressing impingements of cranial or spinal nerves, left-right imbalances, head injuries, confusion, feelings of compression or pressure, and learning difficulties.
  • Promotes healing and recovery from trauma of all kinds: birth, falls, accidents, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, surgery and loss/grief.
  • Sessions are 75 minutes.

Visionary craniosacral therapy uses exquisitely sensitive and exact finger pressure, accurate target-structure visualization,dedicated motion testing, and lesion patterning techniques to bring balance to the system and all the bodies. Pressures are exceedingly gentle and there is no bone manipulation.

Hugh Milne, founder of the Milne Institute and Visionary Craniosacral Work, contributes, “If the cranial bones are not in the ‘right place’, then the brain and central nervous system are not in the ‘right place’. Thus, the hormonal system cannot perform optimally.

When the cranial wave is distorted, it also consumes or diverts a disproportionate amount of chi or life force, lowering the strength of the immune system. Even slight deformations of a bone’s movement or position can produce physical or psychological symptoms or both.

Distortions in the natural rhythms of the central nervous system may result from traumas of all sorts: birth, accidents, childhood injures, sports injuries, stress, psychological. Because the nervous system regulates all other organs, any impairments in its function could affect your health.”

Visionary craniosacral therapy helps alleviate a range of illnesses, pain, and dysfunction such as: migraine headaches; chronic fatigue; chronic neck and back pain; central nervous system disorders; stress and tension related problems; post-traumatic stress disorder; orthopedic problems; motor-coordination problems; TMJ; Learning disabilities; and more.

It is said that the cranial wave is “the Voice of the Spirit.” Through visionary craniosacral therapy, the Spirit is heard and given a platform in which to express itself.

Sessions are 75 minutes.

Due to Brooke’s travel schedule, it is best to text, email or call for an appointment.

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