Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Crystal Bowl Meditation uses an assortment of crystal bowls, each tuned to a different area of the body which promotes immense physical & spiritual wellbeing.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing – This modality involves the use of an assortment of crystal bowls, each tuned to a different area/organ/chakra of the body.

  • stress reduction
  • pain relief
  • lower blood pressure
  • immune booster
  • specific organ/endocrine gland boost and rebalancing

The Crystal Bowl sound waves enter the body and vibrate the tissue enabling it to release and let go of lower vibrational emotions, ailments, thought forms, and toxic or stagnate chi. Then the tissue is more able to align to the frequency of the bowl which invariably is the Divine resonance for that person.

Crystal bowls are composed of pure, crushed, powdered quartz that is spun at high speed, ignited with an electric arc torch and fused together to form a bowl.

Quartz crystal responds to the electrical impulses produced by our body, emotions, and thoughts.

It naturally resonates with the crystalline substance that exists in our DNA, bones, blood, and body fluids. We are composed of crystal and naturally attune with the sounds of crystal bowls. Our bodies are natural crystal resonance chambers.

The crystalline quartz nature of the bowls allows them to emit perfectly clear sound frequencies, and simultaneously transmit pure light vibration. This resonates with our etheric light (energetic) body, making the bowls a perfect tool for programming and transmitting specific healing intentions.

Shifts that can be experienced:

  • On the physical level- the relaxing alpha tones lower the heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure.
  • On the emotional level- the alpha tones reduce stress and have a definite calming effect.
  • On the mental level- they calm the cluttered mind and bring clarity.
  • On the spiritual level- they open gateways to expand consciousness, release mind-locks, and facilitate travel into higher dimensions.

Quartz Crystal sound raises the frequency in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, thus allowing us to experience and embrace more of our Greater Self, our Divine nature, and enjoy more peace, joy and happiness.

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