Like Attracts Like, Attracting a Deep Soul Love Connection

I believe that we all long to be deeply understood, greatly appreciated, and unconditionally loved by another. The level to which this will occur will be to the depth that we have extended it to ourselves.

I believe that we all long to be deeply understood, greatly appreciated, and unconditionally loved by another.

The level to which this will occur will be to the depth that we have extended it to ourselves.

In other words, like attracts like. This is a universal law. If we desire a deep soul love connection with another, we actually need to dive into ourselves to discover our own depth. What is it? Shallow or deep? If more shallow, why? What might be retarding the growth of our heart’s journey? What is the distraction? For if we desire a deep bond and our hearts are presently operating at a more shallow level, we will not be able to tolerate a deep connection, nor will we attract it.

I know what you might be thinking. That the presence of another wholehearted individual might awaken our hearts to resonate at a similar frequency. Yes, and no. That presence will be a catalyst for us to shift what might be blocking or holding our hearts hostage. It won’t last, however, because of the frequency disparity.

What could happen is that the same person might circle back around, and then there would be possibilities of longevity if we had the courage to purge, release, come to terms with, reconcile, whatever you want to call the action, the actual wound(s).

It’s all about choice. We can choose the route of introspection and reconciliation which will propel us into a higher orbital frequency. Or we can choose to shrug our shoulders and not know why “ another connection just didn’t work out.” And our lives remain the same. No change. No growth.

There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. Those chance meetings, aren’t. Bumping into someone after years? There is a reason for it. And guess what? It’s always about us. I rarely use the word, always, because it’s a long time. Yet, everything that happens to us is about us. We attracted it on some level, either consciously or unconsciously.

We need to learn from these interactions! We need to use them to our benefit, we attracted it. Ask why. Go to the deeper level of why is this happening to me, why did this occur? How did I orchestrate this? We are so incredibly powerful and creative. We need to deeply embrace this concept and allow magic to occur.

And it will. Another law of the universe. The more we open our hearts to the Divine, filling our hearts with that resonance, the more magical our lives become. We will be in flow, in alignment with the Divine and our true nature, operating authentically.

For I believe it is our birthright as humans to live as peaceful, happy and engaged beings. I see this as a spiral journey to the heart which helps us to resonate at our true frequency, thereby activating our inherent healing consciousness.

When the 5 bodies ( spiritual, energetic, mental, emotional and physical) are in the process of aligning, there is a natural spiraling progression to the heart that evokes feelings of restoration, peace, and inspiration. This is our natural state where the individual heart resonates clearly with the higher divine Spirit, God consciousness.

Each journey to the heart is unique. The individual spirit path is about going within, to the heart, to the sacred I AM, reconnecting with God /Creator/Spirit in a direct and accessible way so that self-realization is possible.

Society, as a whole, has been disconnected from its heart, yet contemporary time holds the greatest possibility for improvisation and change. We’ve been called upon to reach a critical mass – a certain percentage of the earth’s population to be vibrating at a higher frequency. We create critical mass by engaging in our individual journeys in time with one another – by co-creating a society of unconditional love, based on mutual respect, acceptance, and encouragement of individuality.

So, it really is up to us. What do we choose to attract? How do we choose to live our lives? What is working and not working currently in our lives and what do we choose to do about it? We can embrace change, allow it to unfold us in order that we may expand into our divine loveliness. Or we can choose sameness and thus, stagnation.

I will say this: when the pain of remaining in the throes of our current situation far outweighs the fear of change, we will shift. Another law of the universe. Albeit, slowly and baby steps. And that’s perfect! For we are all on the same path. The destination? Harmony and balance within self, and thus, the world.

Enjoy the journey, it’s a great one!

Made withby Olokoo.