Spiral Journey

I believe that It is our birthright as humans to live as peaceful, happy, and engaged beings. The spiral journey to the heart, intrinsic to my work as an author, bodyworker, and teacher, helps us to resonate at our true frequency, thereby activating our inherent Divine consciousness.

When the 5 bodies ( spiritual, energetic, mental, emotional, and physical) are in the process of aligning, there is a natural spiraling progression to the heart that evokes feelings of restoration, peace, and inspiration. This is our natural state where the individual heart resonates clearly with the higher divine Spirit and an authentic life is blossomed.

Each journey to the heart is unique. The individual spirit path is about going within, to the heart, to the sacred I AM, reconnecting with God /Spirit/Creator in a direct and accessible way so that Self realization is possible. We become more heart based, less mind oriented, more embracing of how the universe works, more in flow rather than fighting or controlling our lives and those of others.

In essence, the journey home becomes one of releasing fear, control, and manipulation to embracing more trust, faith, and love. A feeling of connection to all there is pervades as well as non separateness and non duality.

Society, as a whole, has been disconnected from its heart, yet contemporary time holds the greatest possibility for improvisation and change.

We’ve been called upon to reach a critical mass – a certain percentage of the earth’s population to be vibrating at a higher frequency. We create critical mass by engaging in our individual journeys in time with one another – by co-creating a society of unconditional love, based on mutual respect, acceptance, and encouragement of individuality.

The journey to the heart becomes one of self discovery, embracing our gifts and supporting those gifts of others. We each have purpose, and the need is to embrace our purpose and those of others.

Join me, won’t you?


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