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Brooke Becker grew up in rural Western New York, and as a child, she spent time playing in the woods communicating with nature. She learned from different spirit guides the freedom to live in the present moment with acceptance of subtler powers and energies.

Brooke had a childhood stammer, so her mother enrolled her in theatre, singing, and modeling, hoping to increase her self-confidence and solve ‘the problem’. Brooke maintains that the cause was something deeper. “I had so much information streaming in through my crown chakra…as a child, I wasn’t aware of how to process this.” She excelled in school and graduated from Skidmore College with a B.S. in Business and Theatre minor.

Brooke began awakening to her inner knowing and third eye consciousness. She moved to Florida for work, and to pursue healing arts. “I joined a Tai Chi school… and then had an other-life regression with Stephanie Lee / Light Touch Healer. My crown chakra opened and I began channeling. Working with Stephanie, I felt that I had come home and experienced an insatiable desire to learn more.”

Brooke apprenticed with Stephanie for three years studying Mindfulness Meditation, Light Integration Therapy, and Channeling. In 1996, she received a degree in Massage Therapy, and then went on to receive certifications in Yang Style Tai Chi and different styles of  Qigong with Sifu Gus Rubio and Sifu Kenny Back Chin; Shiatsu with Bob Lunior; Mother Massage (pre and post natal) with Elaine Stillerman; Visionary Cranial Sacral Therapy with Hugh Milne and Medical Qi Gong Therapy with Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson.

Brooke has been guided to write and publish articles and books about self-healing, mindfulness, meditation, conscious awareness, and spirituality.

She also works with people utilizing bodywork and teaching tai chi and qi gong. To learn more about these offerings, please visit www.chilongevitycenter.com.

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