Love Will Annihilate You

Love will annihilate you

Split you wide open,

Dashing all memories of your former self to the rocks.

Brutal as it may seem,

the rough edges of the ego are hewn and smoothed,

enabling an effortless connection with other.

If the personality still craves

the habits and routines of its former life,

the honing process will be painful and chaotic.

It’s the letting go, time and again, that love teaches us.

We can accept the lesson going forth with peace in our hearts, with full awareness

that love is the culprit,

or battle the changes each step of the way, somehow knowing

that the inevitable will eventually occur – we will change, transformation will preside, as we blossom into our Divine Loveliness.

It’s merely a choice of a personal journey

for we are all on the same Path.

The destination? True Peace in the knowing that we are all inseparable.